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Multifamily Marketers Everyone Should Be Following on LinkedIn

Whether you’re looking for industry insight, connections, or inspiration, following some of the best multifamily marketers on LinkedIn can be a great way to expand your professional network and stay up-to-date on the conversations happening in the multifamily world.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the top multifamily marketers to follow on LinkedIn today. From up-and-coming professionals to industry veterans, this diverse group of marketing experts is sure to provide insight into the multifamily industry from a variety of perspectives.

Of course, there are so many valuable voices in multifamily that this is only a starting point for your venture into the world of multifamily marketing on LinkedIn. Be sure to check back each week for new additions to the list!

Mike Wolber

Mike Wolber is one of the most knowledgeable multifamily marketers in the industry as Chief Revenue Officer at Rent Dynamics. He also hosts the Modern Multifamily podcast which offers listeners insights on the multifamily sector, marketing trends, and more via interviews with other multifamily experts.

Moshe Crane

Moshe Crane, dubbed “the most curious person in multifamily”, offers valuable insights on the multifamily industry. Director of Marketing and Leasing at Sage Ventures LLC and host of The Curious Wire podcast, Moshe aims to challenge the status quo of the multifamily industry and tasks his audience with harnessing their curiosity to elevate their careers.

Mike Brewer

Mike Brewer is the Chief Operating Officer at The RADCO Companies and leads the Multifamily Collective podcast, a show dedicated to helping multifamily professionals reach their potential across roles, from IT to marketing. He provides thought leadership and insightful conversations with an engaging energy.

Barbara Savona

A champion of women in multifamily, Barbara Savona is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sprout Marketing, a company that helps multifamily firms with their marketing needs. She also hosts the Marketing Home, Marketing You podcast, which focuses on shifting multifamily marketing trends and best practices. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Marketing Home, Marketing You’s recent episode featuring Resi founder, Grady Newman, to discuss the future of apartment marketing.

Kristi Fickert

Kristi Fickert, VP of Enterprise Growth at Realync, is a multifamily digital marketing guru. From acting as a marketing tech coach to being featured on numerous multifamily podcasts, she brings extensive knowledge and experience in both marketing and technology. If you’re looking for guides to new marketing tech or the modern marketing landscape, Kristi is a highly respected resource.

Mike Whaling

If there’s 2 things that Mike Whaling knows everything about, it’s digital marketing and online presence. Founder of 30 Lines and creator of RentPress, Mike is a “tech titan”, creating digital solutions for apartment communities. Follow Mike on LinkedIn to stay ahead of the curve on digital marketing trends in the multifamily industry, and you’ll see why he’s considered the “Grandfather of Multifamily Marketing”.

Jude Chiy

A resident engagement expert, Jude Chiy is the founder of Flamingo and host of The Apartment Rebels podcast — a show that features interviews with multifamily professionals on how they are driving success in their roles and breaking the status quo. If you want to know how you can bring resident engagement to the next level, Jude’s insights are sure to help. Be sure to dive into the Flamingo blog for valuable longform marketing content as well!

Eden Chai

Co-founder of companies Flair and Generation Marketing, Eden Chai is a multifamily marketing force. From AI to PPC, stay connected to Eden for the latest in multifamily marketing technology — plus, he’s sure to teach you a thing or two about leadership and boosting team morale. His expertise is shared regularly through his company’s LinkedIn newsletter called Building Blocks.

Jacob Carter

As CEO and founder of Nurture Boss, Jacob Carter is an expert on customer relations in multifamily. His LinkedIn content is full of a wide range of marketing topics, like how to use your data to make innovative marketing decisions and how to create meaningful customer onboarding experiences. If you’re a multifamily marketer looking for inspiration, Jacob is the one to follow.

Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold is the co-founder of Authentic Form & Function and host of podcast Transforming Cities, meaning he’s well-versed in the real estate market and its implications for marketing. He has insights on the newest multifamily marketing technology and how to bring storytelling into branding. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get up-to-date on everything multifamily marketing, you should be following Chris.

Grady Newman

Of course, one of our favorite LinkedIn content creators is founder of Resi, Grady Newman. With a focus on marketing, sales, leadership, and technology, Grady challenges multifamily marketing pros to innovate. Whether it’s best practices for digital advertising or strategies on how to create a culture of learning, Grady provides multifamily marketers with lessons that they can take and apply right away.

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson knows what it means to be a multitasker — As a working mom, Senior Director of Communication & Social Media at Grace Hill, and NAAEI Faculty Instructor, she brings a wealth of experience to the table and is an incredible resource for all things multifamily, especially for women in the industry looking for insight and support.

Ellen Thompson

If you’re looking for someone who knows all about marketing and has the entrepreneurial mind to match, look no further than Ellen Thompson. As Co-Founder of Respage and Jess Analytics and Founder of Results Repeat, Ellen posts a variety of innovative marketing content while speaking to the hard-hitting issues in the multifamily space.

Scott Spanier

AI is a growing trend in multifamily marketing, and Scott Spanier is helping lead the way in discovering its potential in multifamily. Scott is the Senior Account Executive at LetHub, meaning if you’re wondering how AI and leasing can meld together, Scott needs to be on your following list.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something to learn from each of these experts.

We hope this list of top multifamily marketers helps you on your journey to success! Be sure to come back to see updates on more of the best voices in multifamily.

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