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Make sure your apartment shows up as a top search result.

Locally Focused

Keywords, targeting and SEO best practices and tools. Reach local customers.

SEO Made Simple

Our team works with you to build strategies based on your target audiences.

Support from the Start

Our always-on team works with you through set up, questions and challenges.

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.”

Neil Patel | Author, Influencer, Entrepreneur

Rank Higher with SEO Best Practices

  • Fast loading—favored by search engines.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly websites that rank higher.
  • Search-friendly floor plans and clickable contact info.

Customized SEO Fields to Stand Out

  • Edit SEO fields including titles, metadata and headlines.
  • Easily update page URLs to include descriptive keywords
  • Add alt text for images. Give your pages a boost in search.

Rely on our SEO Expertise

  • Setup and training based on best practices and your goals.
  • Google Analytics reporting—simplified.
  • Dedicated support that follows algorithm updates.

How can you rank higher with SEO?

Websites that load quickly, are mobile-friendly, and use search-friendly floor plans and amenities can all help your apartment rank higher.

How does Resi help with SEO?

Resi provides setup, training, and dedicated support. We stay up to date with the latest in SEO so you don’t have to!

Resi Solution

Figuring out SEO can be frustrating. Count on our team.

SEO from scratch takes time. Launch with best practices.
Algorithms change hundreds of times a year. Stay up-to-date.

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We’ll help you drive occupancy, directly through your apartment’s website.