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The Vicinity

Resi was asked to complete the branding and build a website for The Vicinity with a unique challenge. We had just a few months to complete our work due to the changing local government policies. Needless to say, we got to work right away. Applying the thin parallel lines as a connecting concept through the patterns, buttons and image borders provides a unique simplicity that exemplified the persona of the property.

Sherman Associates’ vision for The Vicinity was to create a transit-oriented, residential mixed-use development, located in proximity to Downtown Minneapolis, within the historic Mill District Neighborhood. The project replaced an existing surface parking lot and is a true mixed-use development with mixed-income housing, for-sale townhomes, a police substation, and two future retail concepts. The site is located within walking distance to Downtown and has immediate access points to bus routes, the Light Rail station, bike lanes, and pedestrian paths.

The project includes 94 market-rate apartment units, 24 affordable apartment units, approximately 7,400 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 4 for-sale walk-up townhomes, and 137 enclosed parking stalls. Sherman also built and will maintain a public dog run on City land, named 205 Bark.

In the center. Off the grid.

Visual Identity

The Vicinity was developed to be not just a step up, but a step forward. This is why Resi created a sophisticated visual identity that took design cues from the historic Mill District while still feeling modern. A balanced color palette and dignified typography truly bring The Vicinity to life, along with delicate line work that creates a sense of refinement.

Web Elements

Elegant custom icons, animations, and a clean layout all work together to create an online experience that is both stylish and inviting, while prioritizing the user experience for potential renters. Designated callouts allowed for showcasing the things that make The Vicinity special: from its sustainable design to unparalleled unit finishes.

Digital Ads

Resi was tasked with creating and managing digital ads that would drive awareness and interest in The Vicinity. We utilized the classic, comforting branding to spotlight the key selling points of location, values, and lifestyle, and create ads that would stand out in the online space. Ads were and continue to be a success for The Vicinity as we far surpassed the lease-up timeline for the property, despite the major project pivot just months before opening.

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