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Resi embarked on an exciting journey to transform the digital presence of Revelry Living, a modern community embodying the vibrant spirit of Madison, Wisconsin. Our goal was to breathe new life into the brand and craft a web presence that converts. Starting with a landing page revamp, our multi-phase digital marketing strategy culminated in the creation of a comprehensive, multi-page website. We eagerly embraced the challenge of infusing Revelry’s new identity—a fresh, inviting interpretation of the brand, fusing lively colors with an elevated sense of community—into a brand pattern and a high-contrast logo that resonates with its audience.

Nestled in the heart of Madison, Revelry offers a vibrant and modern living experience that’s second to none. With a diverse selection of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, residents have the freedom to choose their ideal sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Revelry Living celebrates shared moments, and its inviting atmosphere encourages residents to come together to create cherished memories. Located near educational institutions, Revelry caters to young professionals while maintaining an ambiance of sophistication, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a vibrant yet refined living experience. Resi is proud to have been a part of the journey in redefining Revelry’s brand and online presence, helping to showcase this exceptional apartment community to its target audience.

Madison’s Merrymaker

Visual Identity

Our groundbreaking partnership with Unmaker Studio marked a pivotal moment in transforming Revelry’s brand identity. Unmaker Studio, known for their thoughtful real estate brand strategy, values human creativity in a world dominated by AI-generated content. Resi’s role was to translate this dynamic brand into a captivating online presence by crafting web elements, selecting imagery, and designing user interactions that mirrored Revelry’s brand guidance. Our goal was to create a digital experience that stood out and left a lasting impression.

The logo design process produced various iterations, including a primary logo with a modern font, a simplified secondary logo, an emblem logo, a compact badge logo, and an icon logo. These designs align with Revelry’s color scheme, ensuring consistent branding across platforms.


Web Elements

The Revelry website bursts to life with a vibrant display of custom image filters, animated logos, rounded edges, dynamic color blocks, and striking geometric overlays. These meticulously curated design elements effortlessly infuse the site with an aura of “sophisticated cool,” creating a cohesive and engaging aesthetic.

The website offers an interactive floor plan feature, allowing prospective residents to seamlessly explore the property’s layout. This immersive experience not only showcases the modern design and functionality of Revelry but also provides a user-friendly platform for potential residents to envision themselves as part of this community.

Revelry Website Screenshots
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