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Sherman Associates knew Resi was the team for the job when they began developing an exciting new project: an apartment complex in Downtown East Minneapolis that would redefine urban living. Moment was designed to be more than meets the eye, encompassing indulgence, whimsy, and a touch of luxury. Resi was tasked with creating a website and digital marketing strategy that would reflect Sherman’s vision for Moment, and Resi delivered with a stunning, one-of-a-kind website and a precise digital ad campaign.

Located on the corner of 7th and Portland, Moment is a 10-story, mixed-use development that brings 240 market-rate apartments to downtown Minneapolis. In addition to the residential space, Moment brings impressive commercial spaces, with approximately 4,800 square feet of retail space and 10,500 square feet allotted for daycare. Complete with underground residential parking, Moment is also Skyway connected, making it a highly sought-after development in the heart of the city.

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Visual Identity

Bright tropics and purposefully designed elemental motifs make Moment’s branding eye-catching and fun, perfectly reflecting Sherman’s vision for the project. The curves of Moment’s typography elicit a sense of relaxation and balance, creating a visual identity that is as breathtaking as the property itself.

Web Elements

Moment is by far Resi’s most customized website, with intricate hexagonal patterns and custom image masks that are inspired by the curvature of the M in Moment. From menu design to the sounds of Moment, the details are endless. Parallax scrolling, in-photo callouts, and real-time floorplan availability are just a few of the interactive elements that make Moment’s website one of a kind. And the best part? It’s all responsive, so it looks just as amazing on mobile as it does on desktop.

Digital Ads

Resi was tasked with creating enticing ads to kickoff Moment’s pre-leasing stage of development and increase awareness of the project in the competitive Minneapolis market. Drawing from Moment’s generous brandkit, Resi created captivating graphics to run on social and display channels in addition to running a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

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