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Tracy – An Elevated Modern Property Website Theme For Resi

Tracy is a clean, modern website theme designed to elevate any property through high-impact image sections and editorial-style juxtaposed text. Beautifully crafted, this theme boasts innovative technical features and integrations. Its spacious aesthetic imparts calm and ease, while smooth scrolling and parallax functionality guide users with captivating animations through each page’s story.

Tracy’s stylish fonts, neutral tones, and crisp lines form a versatile canvas, complementing any property brand identity while allowing content and media to be the focus. Featuring gallery sliders, popover elements, location map integration, and an integrated social media feed, Tracy employs technical elements that creatively present the most essential content that resonates with potential renters and inspires genuine engagement.

Dive deeper beyond Tracy’s highly-engaging homepage to uncover unique amenities and floor plan layouts. With this stunning, modern property website theme, building a standout website becomes effortless, setting your property apart from the competition.

New Features

Fullscreen Modal Menu

Tracy embraces the future of navigation with a fullscreen modal menu, an innovation that transforms user experience. By occupying the entire screen, it offers an uncluttered, visually pleasing environment where menu options are presented clearly and accessibly. Its intuitive design guides users effortlessly, minimizing clicks and enhancing engagement. Whether viewed on mobile or desktop, the fullscreen modal menu represents a harmonious blend of aesthetics and usability, setting a new standard in modern interface design.

Switcher Element

Discover life at your property through Tracy’s innovative use of the Switcher element. With its intuitive navigation toggles and corresponding content items, Tracy crafts an engaging visual narrative. Viewers can effortlessly explore various aspects of property life, from amenities to community spaces, all through clickable thumbnails. Each Switcher item unveils a new chapter, allowing prospective residents to journey through the property at their own pace. With customizable thumbnail dimensions and navigation positioning, Tracy’s application of the Switcher is more than a design feature; it’s a storytelling tool that brings the property to life in a unique, interactive way.

Sticky Parallax

Tracy transcends traditional storytelling with the innovative use of Sticky Parallax, turning the exploration of property features into an immersive experience. As users scroll through the site, the Sticky Parallax effect anchors key elements, while background images move at a different speed, creating a mesmerizing depth and dimensionality. This powerful combination showcases the property’s features with a blend of striking visuals and descriptive text. The result is a guided, sensory tour that doesn’t just tell about the property’s features but allows visitors to truly ‘see’ and ‘feel’ them.

Theme Features

  • Video Hero with Marquee Title Feature
  • Smooth Scrolling, Parallax, and Animation Effects
  • Interactive Pop-Over and Switcher Elements
  • Storytelling Amenities & Neighborhood Layouts
  • Unique Floor Plans Layout
  • Social Media and Reviews Integrations
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