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Resi founder featured on Apartment Rebels Podcast

Listen in on the podcast episode below to hear our founder, Grady Newman, discuss the inspirational and the neglected aspects of multifamily websites and why apartment marketers should augment their ILS strategy with Google Ads, custom websites and immersive photography.

On this episode, Grady tells us about how Resi started, focusing specifically on lease-ups, and the importance behind taking care of your marketing assets like your website and apartment photos.

Hosted by Jude Chiy, the CEO of Flamingo, the Apartment Rebels podcast features individuals from property managers to Apartment CEOs to supplier entrepreneurs who are pushing the industry forward with new ideas and ways of doing things.

“The Apartment Rebellion will not be televised. Resident experience will be more than a buzzword. Staff experience will finally matter. It’s happening right now. It’s in the hands of the doers, the innovators, the boundary-pushers who are moving the industry forward…

Flamingo, Apartment Rebels Intro

About Flamingo

Flamingo is an all-in-one resident engagement and experience platform providing the One-App Resident Journey. Apartments now use Flamingo’s One-App Resident Journey to offer everything residents need in one app – resident events, on-demand fitness, rewards, digital resident guide, move-in, communication and more.

To view the full blog post, please visit the Flamingo website.

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