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Resi App 1.4 – Incentive Builder, Dashboard Widgets and Waitlist Forms

Today we are excited to introduce Resi App 1.4. It has so many new features we could have easily split it into several releases. There is new support for waitlist forms on each floor plan, several new dashboard widgets, a revamped floor plan analysis report, dynamic landing pages, detailed incentive association and so much more. We will overview all of the new features and changes below, but as always we welcome you try out our app for the full experience.

Resi Incentive Builder

Truly deserving of its own dedicated post (to come), we are excited to share with you our Incentive Builder. A complete tool to create, schedule, manage, analyze and display your rent specials and other incentives. AND… You can try it on your website for free! Create a campaign, add incentives, make changes real-time and see how they perform! See the above widget in action on our Elysian theme.

Dashboard website analytics

You can now change the website analytics time period and get a quick glance at what you are looking for right on your dashboard! Whether you are looking for the results of changes you made last week, or analyzing quarterly web performance, it’s all right at your fingertips. All of the comparison data will automatically adjust to display the data from the previous period.

New dashboard widgets

We have added two new dashboard widgets that provide valuable insights into your website traffic. You can now see floor plan views by unit type and PDF downloads by unit type for the current time period. These tools give you a quick glance at how well your traffic is being guided to the unit types you have available.

Subscription plans

You can now view the specific subscription plans assigned to each property right in the toolbar. No more wondering which features each property has access to.

Waitlist Forms

This highly requested feature has now been added to all website plans. When all units of a particular floor plan are currently unavailable, the waitlist form will now appear right on the floor plan modal. When submitted, the lead will be generated in Resi and be passed on to any CRM integrations you have setup AND will now have a floor plan attached for your leasing agents to be aware of.

Revamped Reports

After several rounds of feedback we have updated our beta report offerings. The availability by stack analysis has additional averages populated in real time from your Property Management Software available for reference. You can now also dive in to any particular unit right from this report by clicking the price.

Dynamic Landing Pages

A huge feature we are excited to release for our Resi Pro customers. You now have the option to create specific landing pages for each unit type or for a specific set of floor plans. Just provide us with your desired floor plan sets and we will design and launch a dynamic landing page for each that is optimized for PPC conversions. These landing pages used in concert with our digital ad campaigns can yield your property even better results.

Floor Plan Specials

With our improved incentive builder, we wanted to enhance not just your listing in the Resi widget, but also improve the experience for our website subscribers. Now, when you have an active rent special or other incentive that applies to a particular unit type or floor plan, a badge will be displayed on those floor plans to indicate the special to potential renters. This is just one more way to use those incentives to highlight your unit mix as you desire.

Further Improvements

You will notice other smaller improvements throughout the app, such as updated table styles and more descriptive direction for new users.  You can also now clear the cache of your website using the link next to the property name!

This release is a huge step forward for Resi and we are excited to get feedback from you. So enough reading, go try out Resi 1.4 for yourself.

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