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Pease – A Versatile Property Website Theme for Resi

Say hello to Pease – our new apartment website theme package built for Resi. It’s perfect for a new development or for a property with some great new imagery to show off. Pease showcases all of the latest Resi Elements 1.5 features like the table layout for available listings, as well as an upgraded floor plan view for displaying floor plan or unit-specific virtual tours and more. It comes with 8 content-rich page layouts to help you level up your SEO game, and leaves room for endless style customizations, so no 2 properties look alike. We have also included a landing page style that pairs nicely for those new developments in need of a temporary web presence. Let’s dive into it!

New Features

Floor Plan Tables

Pease utilizes floor plan tables as a way to concisely display the available options for each unit type. Any of the information about a floor plan can be added to this table and its display customized. This view allows for users to quickly compare the price and size of the units to find what they are looking for even faster. This is a neat way to display your floor plans and is a nice option for you future layouts.


Floor Plan Modal Options

Pease is our first release to put to use some of the great new options available on our floor plan modal. Now all related media can be displayed in a nice tabbed switcher with customizable tab names. A property address can now be displayed on the floor plan modal, so this is apparent to visitors sent directly to a floor plan view. Icons can now be added as visual identifiers for the floor plan details. We have curated a default set of icons or customized icons can be easily swapped in for those looking to really show off their branding work. A slew of other options are now available as well, including changing the fonts, sizes, margins and button styles with ease. We have even more exciting improvements coming to this module in the very near future!


Neighborhood Map Layout

With this theme, we get to welcome you to the new neighborhood layout. We have finally made an upgrade to our neighborhood map layout and it’s an exciting one with so many great options. You can now display your filters on any side of the map, use Subnav or Tab layout, easily add a custom icon for your property, and even customize the icons for the neighborhood listings. We have now added a new list display to organize the listings into a beautiful multi-column layout below the map. You can also now edit the fonts, colors, sizes and spacing of the filters, listings and popup displays. Let your imagination go wild and our new neighborhood map can get it done and look professional.


Instagram Display

We have also now integrated a custom dynamic source for instagram. What is a custom dynamic source? It’s a tool we use to populate data to our websites. In this case, it means we can display your beautiful instagram posts anywhere and any way you want. With Pease, we chose a simple grid layout that transforms wonderfully on mobile devices, so your grid always looks clean! Ask us today about how to integrate your Instagram posts onto your website.


Theme Features

  • Smooth Loading Experience
  • New Floor Plan Layout
  • New Floor Plan Slideshow
  • New Neighborhood Map Layout
  • 8 Page Layouts
  • Resi App Integration

We hope you are as excited as we are about our new features. Now go ahead and explore the Pease theme for yourself.

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