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A New Look and a New Website

Over the last weekend, we proudly launched a new brand and a completely new website. Our new branding reflects the values of our company and the quality of service our customers have come to expect. We wanted to share with you some of the biggest changes you will find and the thought that went into the many design decisions.

A New Logo

New Resi Logo

Perhaps the most fun and difficult part of creating a brand is trying to capture your entire company in the simplicity of a logo. Our new symbol was designed to be more visually identifiable as a data-forward real estate marketing company. The bars simultaneously represent analytics and the view of a building, or buildings, on a street corner. The shift from 2D at the top of the bars to a 3D perspective near the bottom represents our role as a bridge between the virtual and real world. Meanwhile, the color shift symbolizes our commitment to developing tools for the real estate of today and tomorrow.

A New Color Palette

New Resi Color Palette

Our color palette is perhaps the source of the most significant change to our brand. We had spent years utilizing different shades of a traditional blue that did not accurately portray our fun-loving personality or the values we believe in. We chose True V purple as our new primary color due to its connotations of wisdom, bravery, curiosity and the unknown. Hawkes blue was identified as great pairing with the purple and portrays the warm and supportive side of brand and service.

Our secondary colors were selected due to their warmth and vibrance . We are making big plays, bold moves and having fun while creating value for our clients.

A New Perspective

Before making any decisions on branding, we went back to the drawing board to better define who we are and what we do. First, we defined our personality and what is most important to us:

At Resi, we…

  • Take great pride in our work. 
  • Defend the little guy. 
  • Do what‘s right vs what‘s easy. 
  • Support a sustainable future. 
  • Take the road less traveled. 
  • Play well with others. 
  • Are who you go to with a problem.

Using these statements as a guide, it became much more clear how to succinctly define our mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

Connect people and places through technology.

Our Vision

Provide the tools for the next generation of real estate.

Our Values

Lastly, it is extremely important to us that our values are practiced throughout our organization in everything that we do.

  • Practice Integrity 
  • Create Value 
  • Be Genuine 
  • Understand
  • Challenge 
  • Improve 

To learn more about Resi, read about our company.

A New Path Forward

Lease-up Marketing Screenshot

We invite you to browse our new site to learn more about our offerings and some of the amazing clients we work with. Resi will continue to provide top-notch digital marketing services for apartment communities, developers and property managers, but we are also investing more resources into our apartment dashboard to further empower our clients to own their digital presence. We have many exciting changes coming down the pipeline, including a whole new look to our dashboard that will be discussed in a follow-up post.

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