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Director of Operations

The Maestro Behind the Curtain:
A pivotal role in Resi’s growth
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Welcome to Resi. We’re more than a digital marketing or software firm; we’re a catalyst for a paradigm shift in the multifamily marketing sector. We’re in the business of making property management companies not just visible, but unmissable. And guess what? We’re growing like bamboo after the rain, and we’ve got a seat on this starship with your name on it—if you’re the rare breed we’re looking for.

Our rapid growth is evidence that we’re building something truly unique, and now we’re looking for a Director of Operations to add to our bridge.

If you’re the kind of person who wakes up in the morning eager to solve the puzzle, connect the dots, and lead a team of digital trailblazers, then swipe right on this opportunity.

This isn’t just a job; it’s an invitation to be part of something that’s redefining an industry.


  • Project Management: You’re not just juggling balls; you’re choreographing a ballet in mid-air.
  • Capacity and Time Management: You’re the guardian of the fourth dimension in our company, ensuring that time bends, but never breaks.
  • Process Development: Help us turn raw genius into an orchestrated symphony of productivity.
  • SOP Documentation: Establish and document standard operating procedures.
  • Internal Team Communication: You’re the hub, the router, the orchestrator of human connection within our digital universe.
  • Software Maintenance: Keep the gears greased, the engines humming, and the data flowing.
  • Employee and Process Reviews: Use your magnifying glass to reveal what’s working and what’s lurking in the shadows, helping anything and everyone find improvement.
  • Budgeting: You’re not just counting pennies; you’re making sure each one is a soldier in our army of growth.
  • Miscellaneous Projects: Because a Maestro doesn’t just stick to the sheet music. You thrive when you can improvise, adapt, and conquer.


  • 8 Years of Professional Experience: We need a seasoned conductor, not a rookie.
  • 3 Years of Remote Management Experience: Because our team is and you’ll need to navigate that space.
  • Agency or Software Development Experience: We’re crafting digital spells here; you need to know the incantations.
  • Native-Level Fluency in English: We all would love to learn another language, but today this is what we understand best.
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